Know Your Cycle

Online Workshop

May 24th

How confident do you feel about what's happening in your body every month?

Have you ever wondered...

  • why is my period late, am I pregnant?
  • is spotting, period pain, bloat, sore boobs (insert symptom here) ever OK?
  • why is it that I can go to bed feeling great one day, but wake up crying & irritated at everything?
  • why am I so hormonal?! 

By the end of Know Your Cycle Workshop ...

  • you'll be able to tell if your cycle is healthy or not, without endless hours googling symptoms
  • you'll know exactly what's happening in your body throughout the month, beyond your period
  • you'll know how to tap into and make use of the different energies of your cycle  
  •  you'll be making your hormones work for you instead of against you 

The only question you'll have is ...

Why didn't anyone ever teach me this before?!

Whatever period problems you're facing there's a solution for you, but you cannot even begin to fix it without knowing your cycle!

Workshop Testimonial

Nora - Menstrual Magic Alumni



May 24th @ 5PM CET - Central European Time

60 minutes Live Training

(plus the recording if you can't make it live)

What Graduates Are Saying...

Reverse symptoms...

“I learned more from the workshop in two days than what I learned in two years of health class back in High School!

I used to have so much symptoms but ever since I started to heal my body from PCOS using what I learned from your workshop I don't have symptoms anymore.”

Meg (Campaign Coordinator)


“Understanding what the real problem was with my PCOS gave me the drive to fix it. I learnt that my body is essentially stuck in its follicular phase and though it may take some time and energy, I can fix this issue.

This is such a powerful class and encouraged me to continue to learn.  I've already began singing your praises on Twitter. ”

Kami Allong (Executive Officer)

hope for the first time in 10 years!

“I've always hated and dreaded my period. After this workshop I felt empowered to take charge of my health, educated on how amazing my body is and like I had hope for the first time since I was 14 years old.

The content is delivered in such a way that you can apply it and benefit from it right away! I'd recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to feel differently about their hormones, femininity and health!

Thank you for helping others with your gift. You're empowering women everywhere to not feel cursed, but empowered.”

Sarah (Health Coach)

Hey I'm Krystal

I felt like I've spent a good portion of my life in the dark.

From the age of 14 I was only ever offered the pill as a solution to my period problems. I was never educated on how my body truly works. I was conditioned to believe that having a period was a curse.

As a result I spent more than a decade hating my period. Doing all the wrong things to fix it. 

And this is why I created Know Your Cycle Workshop - 

to help take the fear out of the unknown - i.e. your menstrual cycle. To teach you how to interpret the language of your menstrual cycle, because your inability to connect your symptoms to your hormones, your diet and your lifestyle is costing you! 

Whatever period problems you're facing, there are solutions for you and doesn't have to lie in the form of a pill. 

You were not put on this earth to suffer!

Certified Nutrition Coach

Certified Hormone Health Expert

Fertility Awareness Educator (awaiting certification)

Wife, mom raising two #periodpositive daughters

Is Know Your Cycle Right For You?

If you find yourself nodding in agreement to just one of these you're ready to join us!


  • You're excited about the idea of investing in yourself  with the knowledge that the investment will result in a lifetime of knowing how to manage your health & fertility more effectively, regardless of  your age.
  • You hate that your period is the worst part of your life, you want to understand how to make it better and see it in a more positive light  
  • You can't wait to learn more about your hormones, your cycle and your superpowers in a fun live gathering alongside a small group of like minded women supporting you #strongertogether


Answers to your burning questions:

What if I can't attend live?

My cycle isn't regular should I join still?

How can I get a refund?

Where are the sessions held?

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